Tuesday, 6 September 2016

              The crazy job interview
I walk up to the job interview room and I can hear my heart pounding in my
chest as I step through the door and go numb with nerves I see the woman and I freeze my tummy is churning and butterflies are eating me up inside. 20 gruesome minutes later I step out of the room beaming from ear to ear.

It's the first day of my job at the pet grooming centre and from the first minute I knew it would be chaos. Suddenly I feel a jolt ¨Oh no a earth quake¨ and I thought well what a great start.¨

Dogs barking, people screaming, everything crashing to the ground, what a day.


  1. Hi Isabella! I loved this story! It's much more different than every other story I read.
    I wonder what happened next? "Everything crashing to the ground"? Did everyone die?!
    Mrs Boyce's Class

  2. Hi Isabella! your story is amazing. It is so detailed. Its a really good story.

  3. Hi Isabella,
    I love your story this week. I could relate to the nerves you described as you were going for that interview. I've often felt like that. And I definitely agree - what a start!!
    Keep up the great work.
    Mrs Boyce